Have More Sex and You Will Forget Less

An often heard frustration of getting older is the deterioration of the possibility to remember things. As you get older it seems like it’s getting easier to forget things than to remember them. And you don’t even have to do anything to achieve that.

Recent research has shown that there IS something we can do about it, so this research proves quite the opposite.

As we have always been told that we can’t build up anything new anymore at an elder age, we can still create new cells. Of course, it’s not as easy as it use to be when we were young, but still. Research, that was concentrated upon a very specific part of our brain, came out with those positive results.

There has been shown that there are parts of the brain in which new brain cells are formed, which are important for having our memories, our moods, our capacity to learn and our emotions.

As it turns out, the Hippocampus, a grey mass that is situated deep into our brain, is one of the unique locations that makes 700 new neurons (nerve cells of the brain) per day. What makes these new neurons so important, is that they help our capability to learn and remember, to function well.  Research also shows that some types of medication block the forming of these new cells and that that can be the cause for our possibility to remember to be reduced. Specifically the short term and the fractional memories. After having used these types of medication it is difficult to restart the production of new brain cells again.

Can we influence this production ourselves?

Yes, we do have several possibilities to have an influence on that.


For example by looking at our food.

As could be expected, saturated fats and alcohol have a negative influence on the production of these cells.

A positive influence is fatty fish, Omega-3 fats, dark chocolate (flavonoids), and reducing the intake of calories by 25%.

But also the texture of the food has an influence. Everything you have to work for to digest (by chewing well), stimulates the production of new cells.

Also stimulating is intermittent fast, like fasting one day every week. So what, when and how you eat is important.

We can also increase the production by learning, engaging in sport activities (like running) and having sex. They all are very important activities that can help to stimulate the production and activation of brain cells.  Whereas stress and a systematic shortage of sleep are disastrous for the production of new brain cells.

The production of new cells may be decreasing as we get older, but will still continue.

So if you don’t want your brain function to decrease, you now have a few options to prevent that from happening.

So go for it!

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