Dietery supplements: for some people an absolute must, for others almost like a curse.

You need products with the maximum amount of healthy ingredients. The best dose for you.

I will explain why.

The recommended daily dose is the dose recommended for the average healthy woman or man with average daily activities. 

It’s the guideline for the intake of vitamins and fats and other nutrients recorded in the 1930’s.

It is also stated that the recommended daily dose fullfills the needs of 97,5% of the healthy population.

But that was then, now is now. Many years have gone by and without being pessimistic I can state that the healthy population has grown a lot smaller/thinned a lot. And that calls for a different approach.

The product needs to be measurable to you and your advisor. There has to be a possibility to know what is the basic…???

Er moet een mogelijkheid zijn om te weten wat de startwaarde(n) is en hoe het lichaam op de producten reageert.

Only few people can give good advise simply based on their gut feeling.

Whatever reason you use to make a decision, let your decision be supported by commonsense and facts.

Personally I don’t like the words ‘scientifically proven’ and similar expressions very much.

Not that I am against science, absolutely not, but it is being used much too often to silence people.

Okay, here they are.

Number 1: lowered nutritional value of healthy foods 

The main reason to start using food supplements for building your health is the fact that the nutritional value of the products we use daily to feed ourselves has lowered dramatically.

In such a way, that it is almost irresponsible to eat only 2 ounces of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit as recommended by health experts.

Because of it’s low nutritional value, that, frequently, can not be absorbed fully by the body, food, sometimes will become a threat to our health.

And it can therefore damage our system, (trigger inflammations) to an extent that even if we stop eating those foods, the damage is almost irreversible.

Number 2:  Impoverishment of the soil

For various reasons the soil is impoverished and an impoverished soil is not a good matrix for growing crops.

Neither is it good for the cattle that has to eat the grass that grows on it.

As a result, the final product: the vegetables, fruit, or meat from the cattle that has been grazing on impoverished soil, doesn’t have the nutritional value it should have to completely support your health.

Number 3: pesticides and fertilizers and other factors that cause soil pollution.

To prevent number 2 from happening, products are being used that can be categorised as

‘unhealthy’. But these products or rather, chemicals, ultimately, will end up in your food. Having, in consequence, a bad effect on your health. These products, like pesticides and fertilizers,  build up in your system and slowly poison you.

Number 4: Waterpollution (you probably hadn’t thought of this) 

As a consequence of the pollution of the water  in the soil we need timeconsuming and expensive purifying processes to make the water drinkable.

And yet, they can never entirely purify the water. There will always be residues of medications, hormones and other unhealthy products.

Apart from purifying the water, the methods that are being used to make sure that we can drink it, also destroy many of the healthy elements. Thus, leaving us with drinkingwater of a poor ‘nutritional’ quality, that doesn’t give us the support we so desperately need.

Number 5: diets

First I want to make a distinction between a dietary advise and a lifestyle.

A diet is a shortterm food pattern. That is, for a limited amount of time, that will end as soon as you reach your goal.

A lifestyle is a longterm food pattern to be followed for an unlimited period. It doesn’t end.

Because of the various ways in which we handle food, there is not always a balance between the different elements that we need every day.

There are some diets that are good, but most of the diets are one-sided and therefore sometimes even dangerous.

The various lifestyle recommendations also have to be viewed in a critical way. It doesn’t matter what your starting point is. You simply need all the materials. And if your lifestyle doesn’t provide you with certain necessary foods, you have to make sure you get them in a different way.

Number 6: foodcombinations

In your daily eating pattern, you probably combine certain foods, but not all foodcombinations can be properly digested.

Number 7: a lowered food absorption when growing older/aging

When you grow older the quality of your organs will decline. Therefore, everything doesn’t work as good anymore as it used to do when you were younger.

I notice that myself. It is inevitable. And since you try your best to live as long as you possibly can, you also  should make an effort to have the maximum intake of nutriants??????

Number 8: higher daily need  because of higher load

Exercizing is good, full stop. But we all sometimes forget ourselves when we try to reach our goals.

When you put more pressure/strain on your body, as a consequence, you need more food.

And to fullfill this need the best you can, you need the best support you can get.

Number 9: better quality of life and greater life expectancy

Every single day, in various fields, people are trying to find ways to improve the quality of our lives. Through a variety of inventions and innovations. Compared to fifty years ago, our bodies are much stronger. We live much longer, because the number of fatal illnesses has decreased and we have better medicines to fight diseases. One of the things that can extend our lives is nutritional supplementation. The improved quality and dosage make sure that we get all the nutriants we need.

And finally:

“What would you do, if you knew you could not fail”.

What would you do if you knew the quality of your life could be perfect?

Do you know the value of your health?

I do!!!!

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