What can you expect from Wim Telgt ?

The goal of a treatment is to regain and/or maintain your vitality

Working as a health practitioner for 35 years has taught me that the best result you can get from the treatments is regaining your vitality, your joie the vivre.

Eliminating allergies, physical or emotional ones, gives the body more space again.

The energy can flow again, the body can regain its strength. There is renewed energy to enjoy life again and everything it has to offer.

Through Face Reading I can read from the face of a client if there have been traumatic episodes in a client’s life that have influenced their health. This information in combination with the client’s personal story and the physical examination gives me a clear picture of the cause of the problems.

By doing some tests using applied kinesiology I can determine exactly how the body can be approached in the best way.

These techniques are based on my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medical Science.

If you want to achieve the best possible results, you need to use the best tools available to you. If you want your body to function in the best possible way, you have to feed it the best way you can.

If after measuring the body with a patented technique I detect a shortage, I can decide to support the body with the best supplements available.

Many times the deficiencies are so extreme that the problem cannot be solved by extra food alone.

A combination of these techniques is the guarantee for achieving the best result.

My final goal is to keep my clients in the best possible health.

As an acupuncturist I will literally keep a finger on the pulse (actually, more than one) to keep the quality of your health at its best.

This can be done by coming to see me 2 to 3 times a year to help you keep your body in the best possible balance.