We all do it.

Almost everyone has said: ‘I can read it in your face’, or: ‘I can see it in your eyes’.

Face reading is an age-old technique that stood the test of time. As a matter of fact, there is renewed interest in this way of trying to understand our fellow man.

How does it work?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine a human being functions on the basis of the twelve organs and their connection through the meridians. Those twelve organs manifest themselves in different places on the surface, including the face. All twelve major organs are distributed among the five elements and thus attached to one of the five basic emotions. Namely: Joy, Worry, Sadness, Fear, and Drive. That means that all those organs are connected to one of these particular emotions.

So, what you can see in the face, is the projection of the energetic state of the organ. Both on the physical and the emotional level. What you see in the face is not a snapshot, but a reflection of an energy that the body has been using for a long time. (that has been flowing through the body for a long time)

And if the body, has been using the same emotion in certain situations for a longer time, it means that this way of expressing itself has become a trait of character. Especially the eyes give us much information about the condition of the soul.

What can you do with it?

Through the combination of the expressions in the face you can read the overall energetic state of the body, thereby indicating what are the complaints and what can possibly become a discomfort in the future. The face indicates the emotional situation in which the person finds itself. Through the location of the various ‘scars’ you can read when the traumatic moments have occurred. Which can be a helpful tool in solving various problems. It is clear that Face Reading, especially when suffering from emotional discomforts, can give the client an understanding of how he or she comes across to others.