Asthma, hay fever, food intolerance, eczema or an irritated bowel. They can be health problems, caused by an allergy.

If a person has been suffering from vague health problems like itching, nausea, coughing, or fatigue for quite a long time, those symptoms can be caused by an undiagnosed allergy.

The success of the treatment lies in healing the immune system so it can function perfectly again. Our immune system can be disrupted by external influences (energies, substances) we encounter, like food, noise, radiation. Including colours, scents and materials. Sometimes the reaction can even be life threatening, for example when stung by a wasp, or after eating peanuts or shellfish. Behavioural disorders in children, like autism and ADHD can be food-related.

People can also react negatively to their own sweat, or be allergic to water. When the immune system is weakened even these matters can cause a ‘short circuit in the system’ resulting in an allergic reaction. Not everybody will be aware of it, but a phenomenon like ‘spring fatigue’ is also an allergic reaction: the lack of power is due to a weakened immune system. When the immune system is restored through a BBA-treatment the suffering is over!

The technique is entirely painless. Through several tests, the allergy practitioner will try to find which substance is causing the allergy. And then the patient will be confronted with the ‘causer’. This is done by making the patient hold a tube with a mix of liquids, with an energetic charge many times higher than the patient’s own bodily energy. Meanwhile, I will stimulate the patient’s back-meridian. In this way i will unblock the locked system, causing the energy to flow through the body again without any obstructions and powerful again to fight the allergy.

During the next 25 hours after the treatment the patient has to avoid all contact with the causer of the allergy.

And then the immune system will be balanced again in a way that the body can bear the malefactor without any problems.

The therapy is known for it’s results treating allergies like hay fever, food intolerance, eczema etc. Even problems related to diagnoses like Chron’s disease, Colitis Ulcerosa or problems caused by allergic reactions to certain emotions can be treated successfully.

Allergy treatment for animals

Many inconveniences that animals have are caused by an allergic reaction. Fearful dogs or cats who became frightened by for example fireworks, dogs who can’t stop barking, whining, peeing everywhere, or who destroy the entire house because they have separation anxiety. Furthermore there are many animals who react in an allergic way to the foods they eat.

Even horses can be treated, for disturbances like summer eczema or mud fever. But we can also treat animals with behavioral disorders.

Through this treatment we have cured many animals in a non-invasive, non-medicinal way.

You can always come in for an informal talk before deciding if this type of treatment can be a solution to your problems.