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My name is Wim Telgt.

I was born and raised in Rotterdam. My birth in 1956 was something special, especially to the maternity hospital where my mother gave birth to me, since I was the first dark child that was ever born there. Rotterdam was my playground and I did everything I could think of as a kind of ‘Little Rascal’.

My high school time was a blast, I was a good student, so I didn’t study very much. The only thing I was very fanatic and consistent at, was practicing sports and partying.

After I received my high school diploma I started my gym teacher training in The Hague. Graduated. And immediately continued my physio therapist training. In Amsterdam. That was an even bigger pleasure, because I had lots of spare time and exemptions, therefore I could start teaching at the University and later at my own school. After I finished this training successfully I was admitted to the chiropractor training. I quit after three years, because it didn’t agree with my ideas about certain treatments, nevertheless, I did learn a lot there.

I started working as a sports physiotherapist, at the time that seemed to be the ideal combination to me. Still, I felt something was missing. After a few applied psychology courses, I crossed over to the ‘alternative circuit’. Personally I prefer to call it the ‘complementary circuit’. First I became an orthomolecular nutritionist and then, in a kind of rollercoaster, I dug into the theory of quantum physics, started the acupuncturist training and also the allergy therapist training.

My most recent training was in Copenhagen at Lillian Pearl- Bridges’ Lotus Institute. There I received my Master Face Reading title. My next course will be a repetition and expansion, namely Chinese herbs.

Now, after 35 years, I’m taking the step to carry out this knowledge and experience to a larger audience. To do that, amongst other things, I want to use social media.  I will also take up my part as an instructor again and start teaching people the techniques of the allergy treatment.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Wim Telgt

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